1. Voluson S10 ultrasound equipment.
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A little bit about us and our services to you.
Work Experience
Specialist in Family Medicine
Registered as a Specialist in Family Medicine with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).
Diploma in Forensic Pathology
Obtained the Diploma in Forensic Pathology from the Colleges of Medicine South Africa in 2014. Performing Forensic Pathology Services since 2002.
Certificate in Travel Medicine
Obtained the Certificate in Travel Medicine and registered member of  the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM).
We are performing ultrasound examinations for the past 20 years in Upington. Originally the service was intended to provide quality of care to our own patients, improving our diagnostic capabilities and rendering a one-stop service to our patients.

Through the years the service developed into a more comprehensive service, including diagnostic and routine ultrasound examinations for referring practices in and around Upington.

With the increased demand for ultrasound examinations, as well as the increasing complexity of the examinations, our focus shifted to a more intensified and quality oriented service. To this extend we received more advanced training in abdominal, gynaecological and obstetric certification courses, improving our theoretical knowledge and practical skill.

We attend Continious Professional Development (CPD) accredited courses through accredited and respected institutions such as The Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) and Fetal Medicine Foundation.

We are a member of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG).

In addition to investiging heavily in personal development, we futher made a substancial financial investment into our equipment and premises.

We currently use the state of the art General Electric Voluson S10 machine and we are a member of the VolusonClub – an ultrasound community dedicated to the education and collaboration of women’s health providers.

Our backup machine is a portable Mindray M5.

We are performing Ultrasound examinations for the past 20 years.

Our services include:
* Basic Obstetrics Ultrasound
* Abdominal Ultrasound
* Gynaecological Ultrasound
* Doppler examinations
[Deep veins, Carotid arteries, etc]
* Small part examinations
[Breast, Thyroid, Testes, etc]
Visit our blog to learn more about our services, the requirements, and the preparation for ultrasound examination, as well as other issues related to ultrasound examinations.